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My Experience with Lip Fillers //

25 February 2019
First things first, this was entirely paid for by myself with my own hard earned money. I want everyone who reads this to know and understand that this decision was my own and not for anybody, not in collaboration or promotion with any business and most definitely not for any man to like me. Just saying.

Now, with that out the way...let's talk about lip fillers.

Above is a photo of me before I had my lips treated. Here's a little backstory as to why I decided to undergo this treatment...
Basically, I've never really had any real issues with my lips. They wasn't extremely thin or small. In fact they we're okay in my opinion and in many others peoples opinion. However, I have a severe case of anxiety and have been bullied pretty much the majority of my adolescent life, which is where forming opinions about myself and gaining that self-esteem is so crucial...however the bullying didn't really help with that confidence building. So, to say the least I wasn't exactly happy with the way I looked 'naturally'.

When I was in my secondary school (around the age of 15-16) I had braces which made me lose a lot of weight, since I couldn't eat anything solid for about 3 months. And, obviously, straightened out my hideous teeth. With this I found that I had a new insecurity brewing that was yet to be revealed. My horrible gummy smile. Yeah, I said it. I had a horrible gummy smile that whenever I was truly laughing or smiling without a care in the world my gums would show an awful amount and I then started to get bullied for looking like 'a horse' so, that's great. This stuck with me for many, many years and I started to find myself hiding my new teeth due to this embarrassing gene of mine.

Fast forward a good 10 years and now being 25 years old, with my own income and my own life in my control I finally decided to get my lips filled. I went to a beauty spa not too far from me that specialise in beauty treatments and relaxation. I had a free consultation where the beauty therapist explained in great detail about the entire procedure and answered any questions I had with an honest and professional response. To say I felt at ease in her presence was an understatement. Providing me tea, coffee and water whenever I needed it and making sure that I fully understood what dermal fillers are, what the products used are and the process was clearly important to this business which I 100% appreciated and could see. 

After my consultation, she handed me a list of aftercare tips and prevention tips for bruising and swelling. She went through every bullet point in great detail and even highlighted the ones that would apply to me more than the others.
I decided to book my treatment there and then for the following weekend. 

The day of the treatment rolls around faster than expected and my excitement quickly turned into nerves and as I laid on the treatment table I could feel my entire body sweating with stress and doubt thinking, "oh good god, what am I doing to my face?" "my lips aren't that bad...right? am I really doing this? Do I really need this? Will I be happy?" so many questions running through my mind and the absolutely terrifying thought that I'm going to walk out of here looking like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge gone wrong was so prominent in my mind I could only laugh otherwise I would be in tears.

The lady who did my procedure could see how nervous I was and kept offering her support and saying that everything will be okay and if at any point we need to stop we can. She also got me more water and was cracking jokes to keep my spirits high.

The lovely lady who did the treatment applied this numbing cream to my lips which honestly, was the weirdest sensation ever. If anything this was the most uncomfortable moment out of the entire process, the smell was strong and the alcoholic cleaning wipes were even stronger. But after 10 minutes of waiting for the numbing to kick in it was go-time...

She told me to close my eyes and she began to explain everything she was doing or about to do, which really helped and put me at ease. Whenever she was about to place the needle into my lips she would say "needle now, small scratch, deep breath, all done, good job" it was a calming experience and honestly, the 'small scratch' felt more like being stung by a stinging nettle rather than a needle piercing my skin. It was honestly not bad at all. She took her time and was ever so gentle, even though my eyes watered when she focused on the cupids bow of my lip (most painful part) she would dab my eyes dry and constantly check I was okay. Such. An. Angel.

The entire procedure took around 20-25 minutes and my lips only bled in two areas which she said was completely normal and the bruising will be most prominent in those areas, so I knew what to expect in the following days. Low and behold she was right the bruising where my lips bled is pretty bad, but pain wise it's really more of a dull ache.

I immediately couldn't wait to see my lips and when I did I was just so blown away. I could smile a genuine smile without fearing my gums were sticking out like a horse. I was honestly just so shocked at how little a 1ml injection of Juvederm could change my outlook on myself. 

It's now day 2 and my lips are still pretty swollen and bruised and ever so slightly sensitive. This is expected to go down within the next few hours/days and I've been taking Arnica tablets to help with the bruising. It's still so weird seeing my face in the mirror with fuller, pouty lips like it's all I can see and sometimes I get anxious that it's extremely obvious I've had my lips done and look like a duck...however, I know that this is all part of the healing process and they will go down considerably over the next week. 

So, enough of this waffling on...Here are my new lips, all swollen and fresh with a bruise for your entertainment and my enjoyment.

As you can see my top lip is pretty damn big now but I'm putting that down to the swelling. 👄
And yes, I was using the Kylie Jenner face filter to take those pictures hahaha, no shame. 

Let's talk price. It cost me £250 all together to have my lips treated. I paid a deposit of £50 when I booked the treatment and paid the remainder of £200 after the treatment had been done. This is the best value of lip fillers I've found and honestly, I could not recommend them enough. 

Feel free to check out their Facebook below:

If you have any questions on this type of treatment or are just curious, let me know in the comments or feel free to contact me through Instagram & Twitter:

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