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10 June 2018

I have a love hate relationship with Sundays...

I love Sunday's for the obvious reasons; it's the ultimate relaxation day, the day to reorganise yourself for the week, the day to have a pamper sesh and prepare you skin, mind and body for the week. But it is also the day before Monday and we don't like Mondays....
The work week can really take it's toll on us not only physically but mentally and emotionally so it's so important to take time to recoup and prepare for the week ahead. Here are a couple of things to take into consideration when Sunday rolls around to make Monday not seem so scary:

#Plan Ahead

This probably isn't the most fun thing to do however, I'd highly recommend it and it's something I'm trying to integrate into my weekly Sunday routine. The best time to organise your week ahead, in my opinion, is in the morning. Wake up gently, grab a coffee and some breakfast and sit with a notepad. Start jotting down what tasks you need to do each day Monday to Friday, it doesn't have to be detailed but just so you have an idea of what is ahead. This will really help keep you on track and not so panicked when it's Wednesday morning and you've got a meeting on something you was supposed to have prepared way in advance and haven't...Plus who doesn't like ticking the tasks off during the week knowing you've had time to prepare and accomplish!

#Take a Break from Social Media

This is a toughy and one that I find suuuuuper difficult to follow. I am a social media addict but sometimes, well most times, I get so wrapped up in what everyone is doing and why I'm not doing anything that it puts me in a really bad mental state and I start to beat myself up and it's just a downward s p i r a l. . . 
With that being said checking emails etc is an important part of the day but spending 30 minutes to an hour answering/checking emails, scrolling social media isn't going to hurt but not all day! Sunday is a day to relax and how can you relax if you're being bombarded by emails, comments, likes, the constant checking of what people are up to, comparing yourself to others it's tiring! Have social media in doses and remember to take time out for you.


This might sound like a strange one, but trust me on this. Sunday's are the day to really make the most of doing whatever it takes to refresh, recharge and rejuvenate yourself for the week ahead. My favourite thing about Sundays is waking up, making myself a coffee or if I've got enough fruit a smoothie, opening up the back door and sitting outside for 5-10 mins. Taking in the fresh air and just relaxing. Of course this is all subject to the weather being decent and not absolutely tipping it down, which lets face it, if you're living in Britain it's pretty 50/ when it's good you best believe I'm out in the garden. Those 5-10 minutes of pure peace really prepare me for what the day has in store.

#Be Thankful

This is one I want to start incorporating into my Sunday routine. Gratitude lists have become some what popular across social media and I don't know whether I'm just behind on the times or what but it's been everywhere recently for me so if you knew this already, go you! But take a couple minutes, perhaps when you're drinking your morning tea/coffee/smoothie to write a short list of things you're thankful for. Things you are grateful for and for things you really, truly appreciate. As humans we really do gravitate towards negativity more than positivity and it's so important to remember all the good things in life that we sometimes overlook. Not only writing down things you're grateful for but your successes and achievements. Perhaps you got a promotion at work this week? Or you went to the gym more than once? You stuck to a healthy diet? Or really small tasks like tackling leaving the house? I know with my severe anxiety I can become quite a hermit especially on weekends when I know I don't have to leave the comforts of my home - but it's important to get out there and celebrate the tiny challenges we overcome.

#The One We All Love to Do

You guessed it,  r e l a x. Stick on your favourite TV shows or films and binge! Having a movie day is one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday especially if it's a rainy day. Or read a good book, there's nothing more relaxing than chilling out with some ambient music in the background whilst reading a book you can really sink you teeth into. Make a hot chocolate, grab a blanket and chill out to the max. 

Monday, we ready for you.

What do you guys do on Sundays? Have any rituals and routines you follow or want to start incorporating? Let me know in the comments

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