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23 January 2018
Oh boy oh boy oh boy.
Today's post and video was one that I've not done before and it was a lot more adventurous than I've been before (even if the colour palette is neutral...) Two Toned looks are super duper dope and if you're not sure what I'm on about please take a look at one of my favourite beauty YouTubers - Evelina Forsell

I tried so hard to try and make it not a grungy mess, but in all honesty, I actually really liked how it turned out. Recently I've been recessing into my 'emo/scene' days for no apparent reason other than the fact the style is just super cool and I miss dressing how I want to dress. That sentence might not make much sense, but lately I've been feeling like I've had to dress a certain way, wear make up a certain way for people to like me and it's fucking boring. 

Although January is almost over I'm making it my mission to start doing things the way I like it and not just to please people. This post has suddenly turned into a mini rant haha but when I was recreating this look and watching Evelina and Atleeeey who's style and beauty is everything I adore I had to take a step back and just think what am I doing? and tell myself if I want to dress and do my make up a certain way...then what's stopping me?

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the video and this little post. Sorry I've been AWOL recently, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts blogging for me comes and goes with my mood and whether I am inspired enough to write. I love writing but I can't just...spout things out forcefully, y'know? But when I get paid (dollaaaa dollaaaaa) I'm investing in a bullet journal because lord knows it's creative as fuck and looks so therapeutic and I need that type of creative, free-flowing 'structure' in my life.

Love you guys,

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