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♡ How to Stop Worrying About the Future ♡ 2018 // Lifestyle

02 January 2018
Good morning lovelies and happy 2018!
The year has finally come to an end and we've entered a brand new year full of opportunities and chances to succeed in our personal goals, whatever they may be. I was going to do your traditional "New Year's Resolutions" post but felt that it wouldn't be much of an interesting read for some, however I may change my mind as I have set myself some goals before we say goodbye to 2018.

But first, two words that go hand in hand that really shouldn't..."Worry" and "Future". How do we stop worrying about what hasn't happened yet? Being someone who suffers with severe anxiety it feels like I am constantly bubbling with worry and stress about what's to come or whether I'm wasting time and wanting to get things done quickly. I'm definitely someone who fluctuates between being a planner and someone who likes to just wing it. But as 2017 came to a close I suddenly realised I need to start embracing a little bit of the worried thoughts about the future to push myself to plan and prepare for what I want out of life.
 With that being said he's a short list on how to stop worrying or how to at least embrace the worry you may feel about the future:

  • Something that is super obvious but not always the easiest thing to do is planning. As I mentioned before I'm not much of a planner it almost comes in little spurts of inspiration and motivation but when I am in the mood to bet your ass I do. However, with planning and many things in life, you don't want to plan too much. This can just add more pressure, worrisome thoughts and stress. The best way to combat this is to set yourself small goals say you have a goal to do something each week or each month? Be realistic, don't expect too much from yourself or others and try to remain calm if things don't go according to plan. Buying a planner, diary or even just a notebook can really help you feel more organised and it certainly helps me worry less.
Change isn't always a bad thing:
  • 'Change' is a scary word lets be real here. Not many people embrace change and I am one of those people. I'm pretty set in my ways and expect things to always be the same but accepting that change isn't always a bad thing is something that I've learnt to enjoy and sometimes want. When looking into the future just know that not everything is going to go to plan, things will fall out of line and you'll be surprised with events that may rustle your feathers a little but it's not the end of the world. Once you start accepting the fact that change in inevitable, life somehow, because a little simpler. 
Focusing your time and energy elsewhere:
  • If you're like me then you tend to overthink pretty much everything. When you're an over thinker trying to stay cool, calm and collected when things go wrong or not according to plan can seriously throw me off the rails and I suddenly enter a mental and emotional breakdown. Something I've become more aware of and will try my absolute best to encourage into my daily routine is to focus my time and energy into other things when something doesn't go the way I wanted. It's seriously important, and maybe a little cliché, but finding the time for yourself to relax and take your mind off of other worries is crucial to limiting the worry that might mount up in your mind. Taking up a hobby that relaxes you such as anything creative, reading, writing, running/walking, gardening or yoga are just some activities that can help settle those future worries and give your head a little break. 
Thank you for reading, I hope your 2018 is a successful, happy and healthy one!
Let me know in the comments if you are a worrier like me and some healthy mechanisms to deal with it!

Until next time,
4 comments on "♡ How to Stop Worrying About the Future ♡ 2018 // Lifestyle"
  1. I am definitely a worried, big time. I also don't cope with change at all well. The only thing is that I'm a planner, I need structure but I cannot plan life goals etc any more!!! Learnt a long time ago that those don't work for me!!! I agree though that if you can you have to set realistic and achievable ones or you're just setting yourself up to fail!! This is a lovely post with some good advice in it x

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! I'm glad you thought the advice was good! Appreciate this very much, have a lovely 2018! x

  2. My personal goal for 2018 is to exist. Everything else can be worked out, great tips and advice! Thank you for sharing. All the best.

    Kirsty. X

  3. I totally love this post and really liked the idea of planning things way before I start any project. Also it is very important to have small achievable goals. It really helps :)