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♡ Essential Apps for Bloggers ♡

02 January 2018
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In todays society having a Smart Phone filled with apps is not anything new. We live on our phones 90% of the time and when it comes to blogging I was so unaware of the usefulness that apps have when it comes to helping you be a better blogger. It's crazy to think there was a time when I would just blog without having any assistance in apps and now it's crazy to think of not using them! 
I wanted to make this post as I've seen a couple similar ones floating around and they really inspired me and influenced me to get some apps for myself. So here I am doing the same thing in hope that they help you too!

FaceTune (Around £3.99 or less)
I can't remember the exact price of the FaceTune app however it's something I honestly can't live without, it's my favourite photo editing app that just makes everything so much cleaner, sharper and more professional. I love to use FT for smoothing out any 'noise' or graininess and the white balance tool is essential for getting crisp white images, none of that off white/yellowy background! The 'details' tool is also another great tool that does exactly what it says, adds detail and sharpness to the image.

Canva (Free)
Canva is something I'm still getting used to but it is an app I instantly fell in love with. This graphics app is all you could want and more when it comes to creating any posts that might be promotional or personal the templates are easy to use and are customised for whatever social media platform you require i.e. instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest etc..

I love the BL app for when I'm commuting or on my break during lunch. It's the perfect way to stay connected to your favourite blogs all in one space and it's super easy to navigate. With bloggers across all different platforms BL does everything for you by placing everyones blogs in one place, your feed or timeline, for you to easily scroll across each post without having to bounce from website to website. Having notifications turned on it gives you little reminders whenever a new post has been made and of course you can always opt out of that.

VSCO (Free)
This photo editing app has to be one of the best out there for being entirely free (unless you want to unlock more filters, but it's not very expensive to do this either!). The free filters are great and can really change a boring image into something more visually stimulating.

Square Fit (Free)
Square Fit is a great little app that can tidy up your images within seconds. I personally love having a little white border around my images. I just feel like it pulls the image together and this app grants me the opportunity to do it quickly and simply.  I love that uniformed look.

YT Studio (Free)
This app is more aimed towards those who make YouTube content, it's a studio app that allows you to edit, comment, watch and check stats on your videos easily and quickly. I love this app as it helps you get an idea of the audience watching you and helps you understand and build your demographic.

Wunderlist (Free)

Lastly, Wunderlist is a great app for those list making lovers. I've trained myself to start writing down lists on this app to help me remember what blog posts I want to write, what videos I want to make and keeps them there until you complete them. There' reminders and schedules (if you choose to have them) just to give you a little nudge like, hey...hey you got a couple posts to write...if you want...

Let me know if you have any of these apps and more importantly let me know what apps you use to help you blog/make videos! I love discovering new apps!
I got inspired particularly by this blogger named Samba! Check out her post and blog for similar content.

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