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From Desk to Dance Floor with Kiss Glam Fantasy Nails // GIFTED

14 September 2019
If you are anything like me and want your nails to look prepped and ready at all times at minimal cost and without having to venture to the salon, especially if you're in a rush, then look no further. Kiss Nails have you covered at a fraction of the price.
We all know that it's super nice to take a trip to the nail salon every once in a while, who doesn't like to be pampered? But there is no denying it, it can be an expensive habit/routine. Here is where Kiss Nails comes in...

For only £7.99 you get a set of 28 nails in a variety of colours, designs and finishes to instantly transform your hands for any occasion and it is so simple and quick! If you have an event to attend straight after work but haven't got the time to paint your nails or run to a salon to sit for 30+ minutes Kiss have the answer with their Glam Fantasy Nails.

I was kindly gifted a set of their Fantasy Nails in the design 'Trampoline' which are absolutely stunning and fit for any occasion. With a bunch of metallic, matte and glitter finishes you can create any look and leave you ready to hit the dance floor.

Each set of nails come with super strength nail glue and adhesive tape, so whatever your preference for applying Kiss have supplied. I personally prefer the glue and it was extremely easy to use. Be careful when applying the glue, if you're a bit clumsy like myself, make sure you have some damp tissue to hand in case you accidentally get glue on your skin or on furniture/clothes! I found that the nails were a great shape and fit for my own nails and the glue dried within minutes. 

I fully expected to be sat waiting for at least 20 minutes but after 3-4 mins I was able to go about my day without worrying they will pop off which was just perfect.

I am super happy with these and still have so many nails left to keep recreating different looks. To get your own set of Kiss Glam Fantasy Nails following the link below:

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