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Hello! I'm Michaela (MLEEK which is somewhat of an acronym for my first, middle and last name combined Michaela Lee Knight) and MLEEK has been my little space on the internet since December 2017. I've been floating about the blogging community for many years with no real settlement until now. It all started as a hobby and a love for reading other blogs, discovering new products, seeing amazing travel photos, fashion inspiration and the latest game news (I'm a little bit of a 'gamer girl' cringe). I've always been creative ever since studying Art in school and Media in secondary school, college all the way up to university where I graduated from Coventry University with a 2:1 in Media Production.

As it goes, people grow and people change. I've really grown into my passions, my projects and my goals. Discovering new aspects of myself that I never knew were hiding within me. Confidence is an ongoing journey but with the help from my blog I've really grown into my own.
There is something so satisfying and therapeutic about writing on my own little pages of the internet where I can share all the products I love and share my experiences and travels with others. Connecting and communicating with people is everything I do this for.  Being inspired by the vast community of bloggers and making new friendships has only motivated me more to bring great content to those who stumble upon my little space on the internet.


Age: 26
Height: 5'6
Size: UK 10/12/14

Disclaimer: All views are Michaela's own unless stated otherwise with an * at the bottom of the post or description box on YouTube. All paid promotional content is all Michaela's own opinion and Michaela will not post about products or content that isn't in relation to her own interests and will always comment honestly.

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