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#CARETOBEDIFFERENT Fudge Hair Care Professional // AD

23 January 2019
Hello my loves! Today's post is something super exciting if you are looking for something to tame the mop on your head and have particularly thick, long hair - like me 😊
I was kindly contacted by Fudge Hair Professional who wanted to send me a couple of their products from their new range #CARETOBEDIFFERENT which I immediately thought "hell yeah!" not only have I heard of Fudge before but I have tried their products back when I was a teen; trying out new styling products (not knowing what I'm doing...) the thing that stuck out the most for me with Fudge is the packaging, scent and of course the hold and finish of their products.

Fudge are an innovative range of hair care and styling products designed to suit your specific hair needs. They are loved and recommended by professionals worldwide and continue to diversify and defy the traditional hair care boundaries. I hope you're as excited as I am to learn all about what they can do for your lovely locks!

I was very kindly sent a big box of goodies that consist of their Luminizer Weightless Condition and Luminizer moisture Boost Shampoo - which, it was if they had read my mind because I was running extremely low on my Dove combo!  The scent hit me straight away and it threw me right back to my school years and I felt a sense of nostalgia whilst working the products through my hair....(okay Mick, calm down it's just shampoo and conditioner) but is it though?
The best thing about the shampoo has to be its moisturising properties. It didn't leave my hair feeling greasy or unclean but still managed to coat my hair with enough product that it was like each strand was being gently caressed with all that moisture loving. The weightless formula of the conditioner made it so easy to work with and having such thick hair can be a chore to clean thoroughly because, girls and boys, the arm ache is real! But I found that after just a couple of minutes my hair was ready to be rinsed and it did feel like a weight had been lifted. Not only that, the shampoo instantly illuminates your hair and stops frizz for 48 hours! 

Moving onto styling I was super happy and excited to see that Fudge had also sent me the Tri-Blo Prime, Shine and Protect blow dry spray. I've been super lazy recently when it comes to protecting my hair against the heat of my straighteners so I was looking forward to giving my poor mop a break and spritz with the Tri-Blo. Again, the smell is delicious so I found myself going a bit overboard with the spritzing...with it's Invisi-Shield Technology it delivers extreme heat protection and invisible long term styling hold. Perfect for all hair types and not only protects but improves the strength and smoothness of your hair as well! This bad-boy can protect your hair from temperatures up to 235℃.

Lastly, I was sent the Xpander Foam, now this-this is a game changer for me. With having such long and thick hair it's a given that my hair can become quite flat pretty quickly. So, finding a product that will hold that volume for a considerable amount of time is super tricky. The sumptuous yet lightweight foam (which also doesn't leave any sticky residue on your hands) absorbs quickly into your hair for immediate amplification whilst keeping its natural movement. Infused with fibre-dense technology it can increase your hairs density by up to 180%! And trust me, it really does - just take a look at my hair below! 

As Fudge say fashion does not stand still and neither does Fudge - hair products with a serious attitude for men and women! Don't imitate. Create.

You can find Fudge products from the listed retailers below and I have also listed the exact products mentioned in this post. Let me know in the comments or through my social media's what you think of Fudge Haircare products and whether you have tried them or would like to and which product is your favourite!

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Until next time,

*DISCLAIMER: The products mentioned in this post are all my own opinion and I have not been paid to promote these products or write positive reviews. 

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