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02 December 2018

So, another week is over and Sunday has rolled around. Usually, Sundays bring anxiety to someone like me, the looming Monday blues are upon us and with that means early starts, late finishes and feeling like you've had zero time to be productive. But, on my quest to try and reduce stress and becoming more prepared (since I am now 25 ugh) I'm making it my weekly goal to always have a relaxing Sunday so my mind and body are 100% ready for what Monday brings. With that, I've listed a couple of things that make me feel completely and totally at ease on the day of rest.

Take it easy

This is pretty self explanatory. Sunday's shouldn't be spent rushing about last minute and getting yourself in a fluster. Try taking the day slowly, no commitments and focus on keeping those stress levels down. As soon as I wake, I'm spending 30 minutes laying in bed catching up on social media, the news and YouTube. It's not often I get to lay in and just enjoy some quiet time so I like to make the most of it on a Sunday morning. Oh, and of course grabbing that coffee.

Playing catch up

By this, I don't mean catching up on work that was missed or running errands that cause stress (Christmas shopping I see you!) I mean, get a blanket and snuggle on the sofa with your favourite Netflix shows, Sky programs or whatever it is you use to watch your series! I'm currently obsessed with Breaking Bad (I know, bit late on this one...) so I like to squeeze in an episode or two on a Sunday as trying to get them in during the week is always a task and I end up falling asleep half way through!

Comfy clothes

Whenever I'm not at work I am always in my joggers and a baggy t-shirt. I think anyone could say the same, nothing is quite as cosy as your comfortable clothes. If you're like me, I'll wake up and spend all day in my pj's and have zero regrets. On Sunday's I'm not about making massive efforts so give me those super soft joggers from Primark and the boyfriends baggy shirt and I'm content.

This set is only £8.00 and it's so incredibly soft I literally never want to take it off.


I am an avid believer in pampering. Every Sunday I will take the time to paint on my favourite face mask, which at the moment is anything by GlamGlow. I'm currently using the Gravity Mud Firming Treatment mask which is seriously, out of this world.
Light a couple of candles whilst you wait for 30 minutes then peel that baby off for skin that will be thanking you for getting rid of the toxins from the past week. 

Treat yo'self

If you're wanting to spend your Sunday the right way, bring in the treats. Open that drawer (or cupboard) where you keep the good stuff that you limit yourself all week from and finally indulge in your favourite sweet treats. Movies, blankets and sweets is the ultimate combo to get your mind in a good space before Monday morning. Some of my favourite treats are Percy Pigs (specifically the veggie ones, they just taste better okay) from Mark's and Spencer or, since it's December, why not crack open that box of choccy's and nibble on a few. 

As it's Sunday when I'm writing this, I think it's time I sign off and start doing what I just wrote! I hope you guys enjoyed this little post and it inspires you to relax, even just a little.
Let me know your ways of relaxing and preparing for Monday in the comments or feel free to comment on my instagram: @knight.michaela

Until next time,

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