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04 December 2018

It's officially December, which means it is totally acceptable to start cozying up in bed or on the sofa and get in the festive spirit with some Christmassy movies. I've selected a couple of my favourite Christmas movies that I will be spending my weekends watching which are available on both Netflix, Sky and Amazon Prime.

The Holiday

You can't have a Christmas movie list without including one of the ultimate classics. The Holiday is such a great film, think of a time before Airbnb, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz had the right idea. Swapping homes for Christmas due to Iris (Kate Winslet) being fed up of being tied up in her emotions over her co-worker/ex boyfriend and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) who finds out her boyfriend (grotbag) has been cheating on her. With both women fed up they decide it's time for a change and the story is just so heartwarming and Jude Law is a babe...

Bridget Jones Diary

I am a HUGE Bridget Jones stan and I couldn't recommend watching this franchise enough. If you're looking for a feel good movie that is sure to make you say #Relatable then get cosy and whack on Bridge. 32 year old Bridget Jones (RenĂ©e Zellweger) who has been single for what feels like forever, as clumsy as me and totally out of her depth. Her family constantly ask the dreaded relationship status questions and her boss is a complete and utter perv but often doesn't look twice at her, she decides to start her new year with a diary with ultimately involves her love triangle between Daniel Cleaver (her boss) and adorable Mark Darcy (childhood friend and human rights lawyer) 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Not your typical Christmas movie but I'm a very big fan of anything by Tim Burton so how could I not include one of my all time favourite Christmas films? A lot of people will associate this movie with Halloween for it's perfect intro 'This is Halloween' but ultimately it's about the characters of Halloween Town embracing the traditions and culture of Christmas Town in their own unique ways. It's a very heartwarming, misfit type of movie that I will always make time for around December.

The Muppets Christmas Carol

For all my Disney fans out there, The Muppets Christmas Carol would b my go-to Christmas Eve movie when I was a child. I adore this adaptation of Charles Dickens classic novel. With the help of the Muppets telling the classic tale of Christmas through the 3 ghosts or spirits of Christmas it always gets me teary eyed and feeling thankful at the most festive time of year when it's all about being thankful and giving. 

Those are my favourite Christmas movies I know it's only short and I haven't included the signature film, The Grinch, as I think we all know we will be watching that little green Who at some point this Christmas. 
Let me know in the comments what your favourite Christmas films are and whether you have seen any of my suggested films!

Until next time

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