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01 December 2018
Above image: Lux Palette of Pops & Stars in Your Eyes Palette*

Above image: Lux Palette of Pops in Supersonic Girl*

Hello, my loves. It's been a long while she I've sat down and decided to write a blog post. There are many reasons for this, mainly my absolute lack of motivation which is something I've mentioned many a time before, I'm just a lazy ass gal who enjoys playing Heroes of the Storm far too much....However, I seriously do want to get back into blogging with a regular schedule as I've accumulated so many amazing products as of late that it feels like I'm being selfish and not sharing these wonders with you all. Which I do apologise for 😔 but I'll go into more detail in another post about my updated blogging schedule in another post as this one isn't about that but about the two gorgeous palettes pictured above!

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette of Pops in Supersonic Girl

 Left to right: 3 Smoke, 2 Enhance, 4 Pop and 1 Prime

Luxury Palette of Pops in Supersonic Girl is an eyeshadow quad of warm peach to rich red, meteor-shower-inspired colour-coded hues. These four shades create intergalactic eye-glowing shimmer that glide across the eye effortlessly. Decadent metallics with multi-reflecting pearls with brilliant mirror-like reflections they are high transparency and superb lustre. The Glossy Ester brings colour intensity and brightness to boost their vibrancy for that classic, Charlotte Tilbury *magic*.


This quad can be used dry or damp. Best applied using your fingers to the centre of your eyelid to help press on the pigment for a more intense colour pay off as I found using a brush doesn't pick up as well and scatters the product, leading to mess, which we want to avoid at all costs girls and guys. When using the palette wet the best way I found to do this is to dampen a flat smudge brush then pressing the brush firmly onto the shadow and pat on the eyelids. This really helps each shade with the levels of intensity and vibrancy that you may desire. All in all this quad is an absolute treasure to have in your collection and perfect for these festive months. You could apply a small amount for some gentle shimmer during the day and amp it up for galactic goddess vibes in the evening!


The Luxury Palette of Pops retails for £39.00 which is definitely on the pricey side, but for the quality and packaging I truly feel like this would make a great investment into anyones make up collection or as a beautiful gift.

Charlotte Tilbury Stars in Your Eyes Palette

Stars in Your Eyes is the new, limited edition palette that gives you 4 magical, mood-enhancing eye looks to inspire Love, Power, Happiness and Confidence. This palette has amazing colour pay-off, molten textures and mesmerising looks for day and night, each of the shades can be dialled up or lightly layered for a more subtle, day time look. 
The Love Look: 3 rose quartz-inspired shades, with sweet and soft pink hues to reflect the stone of unconditional love. This is my absolute go-to for a date night as it just flutters ~romance~.
The Happy Look: 3 sun-lit amber shades inspired by one of the world's most coveted treasures. These shades are energising hues that remind me of holidays along the beach and nights out by the harbour. There is nothing about these shades that wouldn't make you one happy poppet.
The Power Look: 3 golden shades for a glimmering, molten, mesmeric eye look to take on the world. These gilded hues would make anyone mean business and are perfect for an everyday look which you could easily amp up to head out for cocktails after work. 
The Confidence Look: 3 topaz-ruby inspired shades symbolising fire, heat and purity to empower you with bold burgundy hues. The purple is so enchanting and is a step out of my comfort zone but I can't turn back. Purple shades are also extremely complimentary for those with hazel or green eyes (green eyed gang raise your hands ✋🏻) .


Both of these palettes come with a handy plastic protector that indicate which shadows are best for priming, enhancing and smoking out the eye. Of course, you could apply the shadows however you wish but I highly recommend following the easy 1, 2, 3 instruction. Firstly, sweep that gorgeous Prime shade over the entire lid with a soft blender brush. Dipping the same blending brush into the Enhance shade you can then start to blend into the crease of your eye and sweep across the eyelid to give your eyes a more three-dimensional appearance. Using a pencil or smudge brush (I usually go in with a pencil brush) dip into the Smoke shade and gentle glide along my upper and lower lash line. I will also add a little into the outer corner and crease of my eyelid in a 'V' shape to really define the eyes.


Now this palette is not cheap, just warning you. At £60.00 the Charlotte Tilbury Stars in Your Eyes palette leaves a pretty big dent in your bank account. However, much like the Lux Palette of Pops it is more of an investment piece for your collection or as a really beautiful gift for someone special who appreciates make up. Not only that, you get 12 brand new shades which are limited edition and 4 different looks to create that are instructed very simply to help even someone who is new to make up.

So, there we have it loves. The Charlotte Tilbury double whammy post. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I have done sharing these absolute stunning palettes with you all. If you're looking to treat yourself or someone this Christmas I would highly recommend purchasing one of these, but be quick as they are selling out quickly. 

Let me know in the comments whether you would purchase one, or both of these palettes, or whether you already own them and your thoughts!

Until next time

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