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Iconic INC.redible Lip Paints

08 August 2018

 (Left to right: Future is Female, Peach Please, Glass Ceiling Broken, Kissing Strangers, Bitches Be Like - also sorry the swatches are awful! First timer...and the fake tan is patchy...girl...please.)

I was kindly gifted these gorgeous products from my bestie, you know who you are ♡  and these are the first INC.redible products I've ever used.  If you didn't already know, INC.redible is the brainchild of NAILS INC which is a huge nail polish brand with some absolutely beautiful shades and a fantastic chip-proof formula.

As you can see I tend to lean toward nudes, pinks and browns (ma girl did good giving me the shades I love) I think my absolute favourite out of the five is the Matte My Day Liquid Lip Paint in 'Future is Female' it's a gorgeous nude/brown that literally goes with anything. The formula is INC.redibly (see what I did there?) long-lasting, matte finish that glides onto the lips effortlessly. I think you can tell from my awful swatches but the pigment is there these lip products are so so pigmented I was genuinely shook. When trying to clean the swatches off my arm 'Future is Female' left a stain on my arm it was that long lasting!

The Matte My Day Liquid lipsticks only take a couple of minutes to dry and doesn't crack or flake. There's a range of 14 shades with really unique and powerful names such as 'Strong Not Skinny' and my favourite as previously mentioned 'Future is Female'

I won't be talking about all 5 products today as I've yet to truly test out 1 of them and I wouldn't want to give a false review without knowing 100% that it is as good as the others. With that being said onto my second favourite which is the Foiling Around Metallic lip paints in the shades 'Kissing Strangers' and 'Bitches Be Like'. With a foil-like finish that dries super-soft and doesn't flake or crack or leave your lips feeling uncomfortable. The foil lip paints are surprisingly wearable considering and totally kiss proof!

Lastly, and probably the most interesting when applied is the Lip Trippin' Iridescent Strobe Lipstick. Now, when I say this lipstick is truly something, I mean it really is. It is completely mesmerising with a holographic feel, the iridescent, jewel-effect features three dimensional, light reflecting pigments to grant a multi-tonal look without overburdening the lips or causing them to dry out. The unique formula is enriched with coconut oil making sure you lips are hydrated and moisturised all day.

I have to say I am honestly and truly impressed with them so far and they are all so reasonable priced. They are currently on sale on the cult Beauty website: LINK HERE

What do you guys think of these shades and finishes? Have you tried out INC.redible products for yourself? If so what is your favourite product by this brand?

Let me know!

Prices range between: £4.80 (sale price) to £8.00 (full price)
2 comments on "Iconic INC.redible Lip Paints"
  1. These look stunning! I love the look of future is female!