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♡ UPDATE! 02/03/18 ♡

02 March 2018
Hello my loves, long time no blog ay?

It's true I've been gone for a little while and I'm sorry to say but the age old excuse of oh life just got in the way kind of is what happened....
As some of you may know if you follow my Twitter (which if you're not, you probably should so we can be internet friends)
But I've recently started a new job and this is a full time, Monday to Friday, 9 till 5:30pm KIND OF JOB LADIES AND GENTS. So it's been a little difficult for me to sit down and film a video that I deemed good enough or without me being absolutely exhausted.

I've decided to try stick to a schedule to help me accomplish the things that I'm dying to do. With my new job role being all about organisation I've never used a diary as much as I have done in the last 3 weeks, I legit write EVERYTHING down...To say this is something I don't like would be a lie, it's weirdly super satisfying being organised - who knew?

With that in mind, my new schedule will be as follows:

Every Monday and Friday: I'll have a new video on my YouTube channel (click HERE to subscribe, it's greatly appreciated!) If I've having a particularly busy week then I will upload either Monday or Friday and not both - but I'm aiming for two videos a week!

Every Wednesday: I'm going to try my best to write a blog post for you all, blogging has always been something I absolutely love doing but also end up not doing and it makes me so frustrated!!! But I'm hoping to keep to a Wednesday post which will most likely go live in the evening after work. 

I hope this clears things up and I hope I can stick to this haha - I have a video lined up next Monday and another for next Friday as well as a blog post all ready to go next Wednesday!

Wish me luck loves,

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  1. Congrats on getting a job!! Dont stress yourself out too much with blogging and youutube x