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03 February 2018
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It's that time of year when people are starting to think more about their careers and how to progress and be more successful. At least that's how I see the start of a new year. Okay, it's February but back in December 2017 I decided that enough was enough - retail work is not for me, although I have learned a lot and gathered a lot of essential experience to get me where I am now being 24 years old without a salary fcking sucked and I have a lot of big plans for 2018 and my 3 days a week working retail with no guarantee of a set amount of money each month just wasn't satisfactory for me.

I've mentioned it a lot over Twitter (if you're not following me you can find me HERE let's follow one another!) how I had these super important interviews coming up and let me tell you, I was a nervous wreck. Applying for a job that wasn't retail and was definitely more demanding was a scary, scary thing to do. But here we are, two weeks later and I start my new job on the 12th February and I can't wait. I wanted to share with you all how this came to be and hopefully it can help you guys take that plunge into applying for a job you may think you can't get (cause that's how I felt for sure!) but trust me, with a little preparation and self confidence you can achieve anything.

  1. The first, and in my opinion, the most crucial thing to keep in mind is to always be yourself. Now that seems fairly easy and obvious but let me tell you the amount of times I've heard about people having interviews then coming out later and saying "I tried so hard to be what they wanted" or "If only I acted this way I would of done better" Let me stop you right there...NO. Don't ever feel like you need to put up a front. When I went for my first interview with this company I was full of nerves, anxiety was in full swing but as soon as I sat in that chair with the employers sat opposite me, something inside me just switched on. I made jokes, made them smile and laugh and it was like sitting and chatting with a friend. The feedback I received was they loved my personality and felt like they could really connect with me. That's all down to being myself, I was my somewhat goofy yet professional self and they loved it!
  2. Secondly, it's always a good thing to do some research on the company your having an interview with. Let me tell you, I knew absolutely nothing about the company I'm joining so I took 30 minutes out of my day to prepared. Read up about them, check their website, look at when they started, the milestones they have made, if the company has a page on their website to view the team, read about them! Go to that interview knowing you know exactly who you will be sitting opposite and know their names, their job role and the company policy. What their values are and who their target audience is. It's so crucial to employers and to yourself you take an interest in the company because, why else are you applying for the job if you're not interested in what they do? Employers love people who are enthusiastic and excited about joining them. Research, research, research!
  3. Having a punctual attitude is also something to keep in mind. There's nothing worse than someone who is always late. Whether it's by 5 minutes or 30 being late is never something to be proud of. It makes you look unreliable and that's a big no, no for employers. Before both my interviews I made sure I was ready, presentable and prepared 20 minutes before I had to go in. I entered the building with 20 minutes spare and it made them notice me - "oh, you're early! It's always better to be early than late" was the words they said to me and I think the fact I was early for those two interviews really made me stand out. You never know what time your competitor is arriving and it could be the one thing that differs you apart. Always be punctual.
  4. Lastly, always wear a smile. This kind of goes hand in hand with number one. Having a smiley, happy face is enticing. It makes people want to approach you, to talk to you and know you. If you're frowning or looking bored it makes the employer think you're not bothered and you need to let them know without saying you are eager to be there, to get that job! I made sure my resting b•tch face was locked away and smiled like I was fresh out the womb and excited to be there. Which, don't get me wrong, I was and I'm still smiling now knowing i did it! 
I went into this company not knowing one thing about them, not having any experience in a role like this ever before, but I showed how much I wanted it. How much I wanted this change, this challenge of something new and that I was someone they could talk to, someone they could teach and help me grow as well as making the company grow. 
The feeling of nailing an interview, let alone two, is the most exciting feeling and I've not felt more proud of myself for being the successful candidate.

I hope this post helps you all, whether you take nothing from it or all of it just always be yourself. Always be you and let them know from your smile that you are the perfect candidate.
Good luck and until next time,
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