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♡ New YouTube Video // Birchbox December ♡

12 December 2017
Afternoon lovelies!

Quick post today in relation to a post I did a couple of days ago all about the December Birchbox in collaboration with Matthew Williamson. As you all know I did a pretty in depth 'review' of the products explaining what each one is and does and the price point and where to buy them.

I figured not everyone likes to read lots of words and some are more visual human beans so here is a video for you guys out there who like to watch unboxing videos!

I personally love doing an unboxing, regardless of whether I've opened it before hand or not. (In this case I have for two reasons, 1. pure excitement and 2. to blog about it, duh)

I hope you guys enjoy the video, please excuse the absolute trash that is my audio! I was recording in the living room today as my boyfriend is unable to attend work due to the extreme weather conditions here in the UK, icy roads, no thank you. So I feel like it's extremely echoey and I do apologise!

One of the things I want to grab in the New Year is a new audio mic for my camera, so better quality content will be coming your way I promise.

If you liked the video please like, subscribe and maybe leave a comment it's all greatly appreciated and I reply to everyone! (Unless you're mean then you don't deserve the attention 😣

Until next time,
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